Monday, March 10, 2014

see ya at SXSW!

Equipment cotton shirt, Siwy cut off shorts, Acne moto jacket, Nike Thea sneakers, Everlane Petra bag

Thought I'd squeeze in a quick post before I leave for SXSW tomorrow afternoon! Oh yeah, I dyed my hair. I've been hesitant to post these photos since they were shot at the end of the day, but maybe I should just let go and care a little less about quality and just go with it... what do you guys think?

I'm excited to leave for my first trip to Austin tomorrow even if I haven't packed/am dreading going home to pack. Honestly, I can't think of anything else other than the fact that I'M SEEING RICKY ROZAY ON SATURDAY!!!!

If anyone reading this is going to SXSW here's where I'll probably be (plus a few other places):
Body High Official SXSW Showcase
Warp X LuckyMe SXSW Showcase
RAP GODS Official SXSW Showcase
WEDIDIT SXSW Parking Lot Party
LFTF SXSW 2014 Day Party
Boiler Room x Ray-Ban
Lights Down Low SXSW Party
and Fader Fort of course

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Monday, January 6, 2014


Oh hey, Happy New Year! I've been sitting on this NY Resolutions post for the past week without any real intent to post but when Refinery29 and Clearasil challenged me to express how I am attempting to win the day. So yeah, why not? It was an interesting experience to collect these goal and hopefully start moving towards them ASAP.

#1 - Be More Positive.

Zara linen tee, Illesteva sunglasses

50% the way my resting face usually looks (i.e. eternal bitch face), 50% how I actually feel inside. I tend to be a bit of a negative Nancy and it's a bit draining after all these years. I'm trying to have a more positive outlook on life instead of focusing on the bad. Sad Twitter is so 2013, anyway.

#2 - Be More Active.

Nike Air Max Thea sneakers

Getting there, somehow. 2014 will be the year I finally have a butt, for sure. Last year I was pretty good about running almost every morning but as soon as winter rolled around I started slacking. Not sure if I can commit to the gym membership just yet because of my schedule but we'll see. What works best for your guys?

#3 - Establish Beauty Regimen.

Clearasil Refreshing Superfruit products (try for FREE using this rebate)

Ok, I admit it. I never wash my face before bed. I sleep with my makeup on and wash in the morning because, well, I'm lazy. I just turned 25 and I'm starting to realize that my skin just isn't what it used to be anymore. Bad habits start early and are harder to break years down the road so I've decided to try and change that now.

#4 - Eat Good Food.

Brunch at Foreign Cinema

Anyone who follows me on social media knows about my fascination with fast food. I promise you, I'm not really that bad, I just talk about fast food a lot. Living in San Francisco for me means I only really end up getting fast food once every two or three weeks. For a while, however, I stopped going to good restaurants since I never seemed to have time to go out on the weekends. Now that I have more free time on weekends I hope I can get back into exploring new restaurants, and who knows, maybe I'll even blog about them.

#5 - Watch More Anime.

Mutant Minds THUGLIFE tee (aka BEST TEE EVER)

I've been getting back into anime recently and it's drastically improved my mood. Anime was a fundamental part of growing up for me and it's refreshing to step back and revisit old favorites like Bleach and Naruto while also exploring new shows like Attack On Titan. I've also been getting back into video games and beat Pokemon Y recently, moving onto the new Zelda game next.

#6 - Be Simple.

Everlane Petra Market Tote bag

In 2014 I resolve to cut my closet in half. I only wear a fraction things that are in there anyway. I'm sitting on years worth of clothes that I keep telling myself I'll wear but never do. This also applies to any purchases I make this year, they HAVE to be very carefully selected and worth it. If I don't wear it multiple times, it's not worth it. This Everlane bag has already been my main daily bag since I got it before Christmas and was worth every penny.

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Thursday, December 12, 2013


vintage sweater, Isabel Marant x H&M coat, Hudson Nico jeans, Nike Free Runs, Rebecca Minkoff bag, Illesteva Leonard sunglasses

Got a new camera. It's compact so I can carry it around everywhere, all I have to do is look somewhat presentable. Except lately that's also been rare. Too into this sweater + jeans + running shoes combo (+ my new Isabel Marant pour H&M

Anyway, new Beyonce album just came out and nothing else matters right now so I'm going to end this here and leave you with this.

12-09-2013 12-09-2013 12-09-2013
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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

on a roll

Pattie jacket c/o Ella Moss // Zara linen tee // Hudson Nico jeans // Acne Pistol boots // Naked Glamour  triangle bra by Calvin Klein

I'm turning 25 on Friday. Still busy but hanging in there. My favorite boots are about to die on me and have a long overdue appointment with a cobbler but I'm always too busy to take them. Same goes for my Dicker boots. It's rewarding to save up and wear these core pieces to death, even if they end up almost unwearable towards the end of their lifespan.

Speaking of my birthday, it's funny to see my wishlist from last year and my bookmarked items this year. I managed to get 8 out of the 12 throughout the year and they're still items that I wear or use daily. Still need a new bag and camera but the hopefully the latter is already in the works. I'll post my new wishlist if I get the chance this week, except it's Cyber Monday so.... yeah. We'll see.

11.24.2013 11.24.2013 11.24.2013 11.24.2013

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Sunday, November 10, 2013

lazy sunday

T by Alexander Wang linen striped top (short sleeve version here), HOPE blazer, The Legging Ankle jeans c/o AG Jeans, Nike Free 3.0 sneakers

Lazy Sunday playing Pokemon and relaxing in my new favorite long sleeve tee. Really down with wearing running shoes with outfits but apparently that hasn't become a thing in San Francisco yet unless you're wearing Lululemon. To brunch. NYC on the other hand... wow. Y'all know how to dress.

11/10/2013 11/10/2013

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Friday, November 8, 2013

millions millions

11.06.2013Topshop textured tee, skater skirt, and necklace c/o Nordstrom, Illesteva Leonard sunglasses, Rag & Bone Newbury boots, Stila lip stain c/o Birchbox, Made of Stars triangle bra via True&Co. (get 20% off with my code TRUEANNABEL)

What have I been up to for the past three months? This. Right. Here. Yep, we launched a collection. It's surreal to see an entire collection come together from picking out fabric and color swatches, to photographing and editing product photos, and finally throwing a launch event in NYC.

I've been rocking the sweater+jeans+boots uniform lately but dressed up for once because well, why not? Been going through some life changes so it kind of helps to break out of my usual habits. Lots of changes. Might even redesign this blog...

11.06.2013 11.06.2013 11.06.2013 11.06.2013

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

runners high

Etoile Isabel Marant top, Zara pants, Rag & Bone Newbury boots, Rebecca Minkoff bag

Bad blogger strikes again. Between blogging for True&Co, designing email campaigns, and other miscellaneous work-related tasks it looks like I'm finally able to catch a break. Barely. Probably also doesn't help that I'm feeling largely uninspired about my style in general, but I'm saving that for another post. Let's just say that this top and these boots are some of the only things that I've bought for myself in months after countless frustrating shopping trips. More on that later though.

07-20-2013 07-20-2013
One last thing: social media gurus in SF with design experience, True&Co. and I need you. Email me!